Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bible Depot, Cardiff

Continuing In Many Bookshops with Mr. Charmley, we come to The Bible Depot, Cardiff Market. The Central market in Cardiff is a large covered structure, and in addition to the stalls on the ground floor, there is a broad gallery around all four sides on the building, containing additional stalls; among these gallery stalls is the Bible Depot. Despite its name, this is in fact a Christian bookshop that stocks far more than just Bibles, although they stock Bibles. The stock is small, as should be expected in a small shop. Nevertheless, it has been carefully selected for usefulness, containing far more of substance than the average Wesley Owen shop - not that that's difficult! The Bible Depot is a little gem, packed with good books of all types. There is a small second hand stock, but the emphasis is on new books.

I liked the Bible Depot, and it was not like the Churches Together Bookshop, where I liked the staff more than the stock - I like the stock here as well!

[This is a highly opinionated blog post and reflects only the opinon of the author. To come, God willing: Swansea and Newport Christian bookshops!]


William Wilson said...

Dear Gervase good picture of the Bible Depot Cardiff.And a good sermon on 1Cor which you preach on in the evening service at the Bethal.
So keep up the Good Lord's work.
Godbless from william.I know i am a sinner but Christ is a great saviour.
John Newton.

Minhinnick reader said...

I found your visits through someone else's blog. Have you also thought to try the shops in Pontypridd, Newport and Cwmbran?
Whilst on the subject, of cours,e there is also Heath bookshop (Whitchurch Road), Olive Branch (Rhiwbina) and (I think) one at Heath hospital...