Monday, March 30, 2009

The PTS Bookshop in London

In Many Bookshops with Mr. Charmley continues with the Protestant Truth Society's bookshop on Fleet Street in central London. Once the centre of London's newspaper world, Fleet Street is now mostly just another shopping street. I would say that the glory had departed, but calling newspapers glorious might be stretching things a little too far.

The Protestant Truth Society bookshop is, as the name suggests, Protestant. This part of the name means that no ecumenical or Romanist books are found here. Secondly, the word Truth should indicate that no false books are found on the shelves. Sadly, a few years ago I caught them stocking books by Gail Riplinger, a notorious and hysterical King James Only advocate who is not above using any and every for of smear tactic, and telling vast and bizarre lies about anyone she disagrees with. A strongly-worded e-mail followed. This aside, the PTS bookshop is predominantly Reformed in character, and the books stocked are, with the exception of some bizarre KJV-Only stuff, useful and helpful. A lot of Banner of Truth books can be found here, as can books that are quite difficult to find elsewhere in England. The range of stock is broader than the Tabernacle Bookshop, not tht this is difficult. Staff will order in books in the fairly unlikely event that what you want isn't in stock (assuming you are of a Reformed persuasion). Highly recommended.

Future In Many Bookshops posts will follow as and when I visit more bookshops. These will, God willing, include the Heath Bookshop in Cardiff, the EMW Bookshop in Swansea, and Shepherd's Christian Bookshop in Newport.

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