Thursday, April 23, 2009

Highland Host on the Radio!

Well, internet radio. Yesterday I had the honour of having a sermon played on Chris Rosebrough's Fighting for the Faith programme on Pirate Christian Radio. My thanks to my brother and fellow-contributor at Free St. George's, Hieraeth, for pointing to this particular sermon as the one to send, and to Principal Philip H. Eveson of the London Theological Seminary who was responsible for my obtaining the Parker sermon volumes which I refer to as being in part responsible for the outline of this sermon. Also to Rev. Chris Bennett of Wilton Community Church, Muswell Hill, my New Testament and Greek tutor at the LTS, whose essay led me to the Parker sermon.

MY thanks also to Jason, for transcribing the prayer that opens this sermon here. I would recommend the reading of the Book of Common Prayer if you want to improve the quality of public prayer. Not to use the words, but to see how the Reformers prayed. I was brought up on the old BCP, as it is affectionately called, and that has a great influence on people. Former Anglicans can recognise each other!


William Wilson said...

Well Done Gervase the Lord has used you now to spred the Word of God on Radio.

Highland Host said...

Rather, all glory to God, who has been pleased to use even me in this way, and to the Lord Jesus, who was proclaimed and glorified.

Tor Hershman said...

Almost every pirate is religious.

Watch-out for those gay, married pirates with swine flu, YIKES!

William Wilson said...

Dear Gervase is everything alright with this blog Strict and Particular. I have not heard from you in a while. So do let me know that you are alright. And enjoy the May Bank hoilday weekend. Alan is down in Cardiff preaching at Ely Presbyterian on Sunday.
Yours in his true grace of our Lord from William.