Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Would You Rather Be?

This afternoon I had the great privilege of visiting one of our members in hospital. He was unable to go to church, and so I went to take the Church's blessing to him. It was a blessed visit. On the way home on my bike I asked myself the question, "What would I rather be doing?" By the grace of God, I can say that the answer was "Nothing."

And is there anything better than spending time with God's saints, particularly those who have longer experience in the things of God than you do? There cerainly ought not to be! Certainly a pastor ought to be eager to visit. It pains me to hear any pastor say that he has no time for God's people, to visit those in hospital who are not actually dying. Is there anything more important? Where would you rather be? You see, pastor, that is your job, visit the people of God. Remember this, on the last day God says to His sheep, "I was sick and you visited me." And oh the awful thought that occurs in that connection, that it is the goats who did not visit! God be merciful to us if we would rather be anywhere else. So I didn't have an afternoon of rest and reading. I can always read some other time!

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