Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zeitgeist - or, another bad conspiracy theory

Recently, on the way to the dentist, I saw a spray-painted graffito directing people to the Zeitgeist film on line. This film is frankly one of the best arguments against the internet available. Containing nearly no factual information at all, it argues that Jesus did not exist, and is a composite of various ancient gods. The film points in particular to Horus of ancient Egypt, and points out a number of "compelling" similarities between Jesus and Horus. In fact, hearing the Zeitgeist account of Horus, you think "that sounds like Jesus." The reason for this is of course that it is Jesus!

Yes, the people behind Zeitgeist have presented an entirely fabricated Horus mythology that is founded on the Biblical accounts of Jesus (for the most part), and use this as if it proves something. It proves nothing beyond breathtaking duplicity.

One of the best sources on the subject that I have found is here. The author is not a Christian, and for that reason the site is a useful one to point those who are thinking that Zeitgeist may have a point to. This author has no pony in this race. Of course this means there are statements in the article that I would not agree with, but it removes the impression that this film is based on truth. There is also a very helpful anotated Bibliography. Inexplicably, the author seems to think the King James Bible is really, really bad. I do not know on what basis.

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