Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Many Bookshops with Pastor Charmley: St. Paul's Bookshop, York

To deal with the obvious first, St. Paul's is a Roman Catholic bookshop; it therefore sells vestments, icons, statues and all that sort of thing. But the first thing one looks for in a bookshop is not its doctrinal position, but the obvious - books. It is truly depressing how many 'bookshops' today really seem to sell books as a sideline. Well, St. Paul's in York is not like that; it sells books. In fact the whole of the basement is full of books. Nor are they just Roman Catholic books; I saw at least one book by Martyn Lloyd-Jones down there in the new section. There is also an extensive and broad second-hand section; not as large as that in Barbican Bookshop, but then Barbican Bookshop is special like that. The books are well-presented, reasonably priced, and of good quality. The shop is quiet and conducive to browsing. What is more, the staff are friendly and helpful.

York is really a wonderful place for book-shopping and for sightseeing. Two reasonably-priced shops that actually sell books is good going.

St. Paul's is on King's Square in York, close to the Shambles. It is open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM.


Calum said...

Hello. I am 15 and an avid Church history fan, particularly of that in Scotland in the Secession churches and the Free Churches prior to 1900, and also the UF Church 1900-1929 onwards. I saw in one of your other blogs that you have quite a few facts about this, could you plese email me at calum.m.ross@gmail.com?
I was amazed at the depth of your knowledge!

Highland Host said...

Breadth rather than depth, I would say.