Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing with Numbers Can Prove Anything...

... And therefore nothing. This article, which I do not commend for anything it contains and present merely as an example, shows that weird occultic numerology proves nothing.

Plus, some say that Westcott and Hort were occultists, and thus changed the Bible, the bloke quoted here says that as they were occultists they never would have changed the Bible. Some say Bible codes prove the AV, the bloke here says they prove Westcott and Hort were right.

In fact, of course, it's all rather silly, and all wrong. 'Bible codes' are occultic and utterly subjective. As witness:

"The amazing design of numeric features or facts discovered in the structure of the Greek text used by Wescott and Hort definitely settles the question concerning the correct reading of the last verse in the Bible. The numerical facts prove that they are right in ending the New Testament with the word saints ."

Riplinger says numerics proves the King James is inspired, Panin says it proves the Westcott and Hort text. The truth? They're both wrong. Christians do not need silly Bible codes to prove that the Bible's inspired, because those codes do nothing of the kind. They're totally subjective, and can be manufactured to 'prove' whatever you want them to.

This also proves that Westcott and Hort Text-Onlyism may actually exist!!! Help!!!

See criticism of Panin here if you're in danger of being converted to W&H Onlyism. [NOTE: The site linked to also promotes serious weirdness, including the insane conspiracy theory that the Knights Templar were actually Merovingian Jews (I know, the Merovingians weren't Jews), and they initiated the crusades (again, I know, the Knights Templar came into being AFTER the First crusade) as a vast piece of Zionist black propaganda, to commit genocide and then blame it all on the Christians. All of which merely has to be stated to show how absurd it is. I hope.]

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